Our leather

Leather is a particularly sustainable product. All hides and pelts used by Akaroa are a by-product of the meat industry. Leather products are extremely durable and gain in beauty, character and comfort with use. Depending on your needs, there are different tanning processes to produce beautiful leather from the hide. The most common are chrome tanning and vegetable tanning, which we also use for our products. Both methods are harmless to people and the environment - as long as they are carried out by professionals. And that is the case with us, because we only work with specialists in the respective fields.

cow nappa

We use cowhide from Italy for our card holders and key cases. Montana's tannery is located in Santa Croce in Tuscany. A place where the world's most important and successful designers come together and examine the latest, high-quality items. All hides are vegetable tanned to show the natural beauty of the hides and not to cover them with a layer of colour. In this way, unique products are created that reflect the lifestyle of the owner. 


We source our lambskins from New Zealand from Wallace, formerly Nichols, one of the leading companies in this field. All skins used come from free-range husbandry. Lambskins are particularly light and keep you nice and warm thanks to the fine curls on the inside. Both the velor and the fur side can be dyed.

hair sheepskin

For our nappa leather gloves we use the finest hair sheep leather, tanned by the Portolano company in Italy. It is based in Naples, probably the best-known region for glove leather. The hair sheep comes from Africa and has hair instead of wool, hence the name hair sheep. The animals live in herds and spend their entire lives outdoors. The leather is characterized by a special softness and elasticity. It adapts to the hand like a second skin.