About Us

Akaroa is a label for high quality, elegant and innovative products.
Craftsmanship of experienced workers paired with the best materials
Products that you will enjoy for a long time.
No mass-produced items are manufactured here for one season, as is unfortunately all too often the case these days. Quality goods are made here.
Whether leather, fur or wool blends, we only use materials of the highest quality and you can feel that when you take our products in your hands.
The leather is drum-tanned with full aniline so that the natural grain remains visible and you can immediately feel the unmistakable soft feel of the leather. You will not find covered/sprayed leather in our products,
because there are no compromises when it comes to quality.
Our wool products are made from a newly developed Merino cotton blend. Here we combine the best qualities of both materials.

The softness of merino wool and the durability of cotton create a novel product unlike anything else on the market.