What is Akaroa?

Akaroa is a label for high quality, elegant and innovative products. The craftsmanship of experienced workers paired with the best materials result in our products that you will enjoy for a long time.

What does Akaroa stand for?

For elegance, for sustainability, and above all for quality. Whether leather, skins or wool blends - we only use materials of the highest quality.

And why actually Akaroa?

Akaroa is a small town on the east coast of New Zealand and gives the company its name. I was there in December 2017 when the idea for my own fashion label was born. My doubts about whether I should really dare were wiped away when I learned what Akaroa means: The word comes from the Maori and translated means: Do it! I couldn't ignore this sign - and at the same time the name for my own label was clear.